Astronomers Day Programme

Invited talks (alphabetical):

John Antoniadis: The Array for Gigahertz Observations (ARGOS)
Foteini Oikonomou: Multimessenger astronomy with ultra-high energy cosmic rays and cosmic neutrinos
Colin Snodgrass: Recent results and future prospects in comet science

Science talks (alphabetical):

Varpu Ahlberg: Polarized X-ray reflection from a star
Vesa Björn: Mercury regolith modeling using MESSENGER spectrophotometry
Anna Bobrikova: Polarimetric properties of the weakly magnetized neutron stars: theory and observations
Jehanne Delhomelle: The Merger of the Milky Way & Andromeda
Vandad Fallah Ramazani: Distance estimation of gamma-ray emitting BL Lac objects from imaging observations
Grigori Fedorets: Characterising very small asteroids as building blocks of the Solar System
Mikael Granvik: Tidal disruption of asteroids increases the rate of impacts with the Earth
Andras Haris: Spot Transits in Kepler and TESS Photometry of Late Main-Sequence Stars
Johanna Hartke: Catching the formation of the ultra-diffuse galaxy Hydra-UDG32 in the act
Pekka Heinämäki: Masses of the superclusters
Talvikki Hovatta: Resolving supermassive black hole jets in near-infrared wavelengths
Christina Humina: Late-time evolution of the interacting supernova 2017dio
Peter Johansson: Resolving the complex dynamical evolution of supermassive black holes in cosmological simulations using the KETJU code
Jenni Jormanainen: The long 2016 polarisation angle rotation of OJ 287 viewed through radio, mm-radio and optical observations
Mika Juvela: GPU-assisted analysis of interstellar medium
Atte Keitaanranta: Supermassive black hole dynamics with KETJU and a dynamical friction subgrid model
Tom Killestein: Driving infant transient discovery with the Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer
Sami Kivistö: Feature detection, butterfly diagrams, and analysis for Metsähovi solar observations on 37 GHz
Karri Koljonen: More is more: The extreme coronal line emitter AT 2022fpx
Pouya M. Kouch: Are blazars high energy neutrino factories?
Vadim Kravtsov: Using high-precision optical polarimetry to constrain geometry of black hole X-ray binaries
Ari Leppälä: Radiative-transfer coherent-backscattering modelling for photometric and polarimetric phase curves of Galilean satellites
Elina Lindfors: MAGIC Telescopes - 20 years of very high energy gamma-ray observations of violent phenomena of the universe
Vladislav Loktev: A Spectro-Polarimetric view into acccretion Plasma Physics
Emma Mannfors: Cloud evolution in the high-energy molecular ring Lambda Orionis
Tiina Minkkinen: Detecting a gravitational wave background from early universe phase transitions with LISA
Karri Muinonen: Scattering of light in planetary regoliths using Mueller matrix decomposition
Joonas Nättilä: X-ray precursors from neutron-star mergers
Kari Nilsson: Precession of the jet of PKS 1553+113
Anagha Nitindala: Polarization from accretion disk winds
Antti Penttilä: Modeling the polarization of the Didymos asteroid system before and after the DART impact
Niko Pyykkinen: The H-poor circum stellar interaction in supernova 2021efd
Riku Rautio: Modeling the extraplanar diffuse ionized gas in eight galaxies with Cloudy photoionization code
Alex Rawlings: Stochastic SMBH binary eccentricity is unavoidable
Sophie Rosu: Hubble Space Telescope images of SN 1987A: Evolution of the ejecta and the equatorial ring from 2009 to 2022
Quentin Salomé: Inefficient jet-induced star formation in Centaurus A: Can shocks regulate star formation in the northern filaments?
Till Sawala: Mapping the Galactic potential with expanding star clusters
Maria Babakhanyan Stone: GAMA low-redshift (0.1<z<0.35) quasars: environments, star formation history and morphology
Irene Varglund: A thorough examination of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies in radio
Aku Venhola: Distribution and properties of dwarfs in nearby galaxy groups and clusters
Anne Virkki: Planetary surface characterisation using radar observations
Job Vorster: VLBI Observations of Water Masers During the Accretion Burst in a High-Mass Protostellar Cluster
Mikko Vuori: Refractive index of Mercury analog particles from light scattering measurements
Dale Weigt: A novel technique to predict magnetic flux emergence on the Sun

Special sessions:

Metsähovi Radio Observatory 50 yrs special session (May 20, 14:00 - 15:00)
Joni Tammi: Metsähovi Radio Observatory - state-of-the-art observations and hands-on training in Finland
Tuomas Savolainen: New 3-band mm-wavelength receiver for Metsähovi Radio Observatory
Derek McKay: Metsähovi Compact Array – commissioning a new radio interferometer
Nordic Optical Telescope special session (May 20, 15:30 – 16:00)
Seppo Mattila: Nordic Optical Telescope
Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO special session (May 21, 13:30)
Petri Väisänen: FINCA - and the astronomy world
Education and public outreach special session (May 21, 14:00)
Pasi Nurmi: National astronomy outreach activities in Finland

Social programme:

A visit to the Söderfjärden meteor crater will take place on Monday evening. The bus leaves from the hotel at 17:45. If you wish to use your own means to get to the site, you may do so. See the map for the directions, if needed.

The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday evening at Janne's Saloon in Kuusisaari — an island where we get to after a cruise through the Vaasa archipelago. The departure time is 17:45 from the Vaasa inner harbor (15-20 min walk from Scandic Vaasa). See the map for the directions to the harbor.

The guided walk in Vaasa Old Town will not be organized due to insufficient interest.

Outreach event:

Elina Lindfors will give a talk entitled "Jännittävät mustat aukot" at the University of Vaasa on May 22 at 18:00. See the dedicated website for more information. See the map for the directions to the University of Vaasa.


The Astronomers' Days are organised by the Finnish Astronomical Society with the help of the Scientific Organising Comittee. The event is funded by participation fees and sponsorship/grants (see Sponsors below).

Scientific Organising Committee

Mélina Poulain (Oulu), chair
Mikael Granvik (Helsinki/Luleå)
Tuomas Savolainen (Aalto/Metsähovi)
Elina Lindfors (Turku)
Panagiotis Charalampopoulos (Turku)

Local Organising Committee

Riku Rautio (Oulu), chair
Karri Koljonen (Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech.)
Emma Mannfors (Helsinki)
Anne Virkki (Helsinki)
Pouya M. Kouch (Turku/Metsähovi)
Quentin Salomé (Aalto/FINCA)


FINCA, Suomen ESO-keskus
FINCA, Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO
Vaisala Oy
Tieteellisten seurain valtuuskunta
Federation of Finnish Learned Societies
Magnus Ehrnroothin säätiö
Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation