Astronomers' Days 2022

News & updates

(11.05.2022) Please find more information on remote participation below.
(02.05.2022) Please confirm your participation on acceleration lab visit and visit to Hankasalmi Observatory by 4th of May, 2022
(19.04.2022) Preliminary program is available.
(23.03.2022) Registration closed, we still accept request for remote participation without presentation.
(18.03.2022) Important dates: Registration will close 23th of March. Book your accommodation by 29th of April.
(04.02.2022) Registration is open.
(23.08.2021) More details coming soon.

Basic information

Dates: 23.-25 May 2022, starting on Monday at 10am, finishes on Wednesday by lunch time, but please note the optional tour on Wednesday after lunch.
Venue: Hotel Scandic Jyväskylä Station in Jyväskylä. The meeting will be in person, but we will organize the possibility for remote participation.
Accommodation: We have a block reservation at the same hotel. Book your accomodation by 29th of April via this link link The prices are 119 €/day for a single and 139 €/day for a double.
Presentations: The options are a contributed talk (15-20 min) and a poster.
Language of the meeting: English
Invited: Researchers and students working with astronomy, space physics, cosmology, and related fields, in Finland.
Costs: Participation fee has now been fixed and we are happy to announce that we have received grants and could lower the fees: 120€ (member) / 60€ (student member) / 180 € (non-member). If you want to join FAS right now, you can do so via e-mail.
Deadline: 28.2.2022 extended until 23.3.2022
Registration: Closed. We still accept registrations for participation without presentation. Contact us: info at ttseura dot fi

More information: Here are some additional information on program and participation:
1) Participants have been sent the zoom connection details via email. We have also created a slack space for discussions, please join us here
2) There will be dedicated session on Astronomy Education in Finland on Monday afternoon with duration of ~2 hours. It is a follow-up of the event organized in Helsinki in December. In the session at Astronomer's Days the focus will be on University-high school collaboration in different Universities and in the role of Astronomy in teacher education. The presentations in this session are short and we have devoted time for exchanging thoughts on these topics.
3) We will also have nice social program! On Monday evening the conference dinner will be a cruise at the lake (included in registration fee). We will also organize possibility to visit the Acceleration laboratory of University of Jyväskylä (no extra cost) and Hankasalmi Observatory (no extra cost). The trip to Hankasalmi Observatory will take place on Wednesday after the official closing of the meeting (which is at lunch time), so please take that into account when booking your transportation.
4) Other events include the Annual meeting of the FAS board, three invited speakers and Vaisala prize session for the outstanding doctoral thesis. We will also have a special session for Nordic Optical Telescope. During the Annual meeting new board members will be elected for the next year. If you are interested to serve on the board, please let us know via email.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info at ttseura dot fi


The Astronomers' Days are organised by the Finnish Astronomical Society with the help of the Scientific Organising Comittee. The event is funded by participation fees and sponsorship/grants from various sources.

Scientific Organising Committee

Juri Poutanen (Turku), chair
Alexis Finoguenov (Helsinki)
Anne Lähteenmäki (Metsähovi)
Roberto de Propris (FINCA)
Vitaly Neustroev (Oulu)

Local Organising Committee

Maria B. Stone (UTU), chair
Olli Wilkman (CSC)
Derek McKay (FINCA)
Karri Koljonen (FINCA)
Emma Mannfors (Helsinki)
Elina Lindfors (FINCA)
Riku Rautio (Oulu)

Invited Speakers

Prof. Christian Knigge, University of Southampton
Dr. Timo Prusti, European Space Agency
Prof. Heino Falcke, Radboud University Nijmegen

Tukijat / Sponsors

FINCA, Suomen ESO-keskus
FINCA, Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO
Vaisala Oy
Tieteellisten seurain valtuuskunta
Federation of Finnish Learned Societies
Magnus Ehrnroothin säätiö
Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation